“…the quality I was asking about
was attributed to MacNeil service
and equipment. That’s when I knew
I had to go with MacNeil.”


Sitting back on 9-mile road in Pensacola, FL since its
grand opening in October of 2018, is Eco Carwash, one
of MacNeil’s newest customers.

Owner Chase Drake
focused on location and equipment when scoping out
this venture and the results are incredible. “Customers are
looking for express-type washes here and as an operator
I can process a high volume of vehicles in and out with
an express,” explains Drake.

Processing a high volume of
vehicles is a smooth process considering that Eco boasts
a 110 ft long MacNeil tunnel with 23 vacuum stations. The
207ft by 280ft lot rests on 9-mile road, a main highway
that is growing rapidly. Drake anticipates even more
growth to come from the new Navy Federal Credit Union
being built just six miles down the road which will add
50K employees. “We will see a tremendous increase in

car count on this road over the next year to two years.
MacNeil market research determined that we could expect
a conservative 7000 vehicles a month,” says Drake.



In his research for an equipment manufacturer, Drake
visited two very different carwashes within a short
time period and discovered that the results they were
producing were considerably different. “The quality of
the second wash I went to just blew away the one I tried
prior,” explains Drake. In fact, he was so impressed that he
asked to speak with the owner who he quickly discovered
was a MacNeil customer. “He explained that the quality I
was asking about was attributed to MacNeil service and
equipment. That’s when I knew I had to go with MacNeil.”

His favourite piece of equipment is the SuperFlex wrap.
“It’s an intriguing piece of equipment. The knuckles assure
that all tough areas are addressed, and it never has poor
results. Also, MacNeil brushes are very gentle and quiet,
which has proved to be one of the most positive aspects
from a customer perspective.”

Five-star customer reviews online illustrate a new business
that’s soaring and exceeding goals already. Drake enjoys
the customer satisfaction, beating the competition, and
seeing the amazing results he is producing for patrons.
He and his staff are at the kiosk to help customers decide
what type of wash they want and take their order and they
are also out at the vacuum stations providing the same
thoughtful treatment. As Drake points out, “We examine all
cars to be sure they’re meticulous before leaving the lot.”


Just four days after the grand opening, Eco experienced a
fire in the back room. While the fire did not cause any damage
to the MacNeil equipment, it did cause a two-week shutdown
while repairs were made to other areas. Since uptime is a
cardinal rule for carwash success, an effective plan needed to
be undertaken quickly. With the help of MacNeil, Drake was
able to restore his business and reopen within a very short
time-period. “MacNeil came in immediately and assured
everything was back up and running effectively. They have
been working the whole time to get us set up properly again,
which is the kind of extraordinary customer service that
people don’t normally enjoy from a manufacturer. As a result,
we’ve sold over forty monthly passes the first week back!”
As Eco continues to build clientele, the next grand opening
event is sure to excite customers. As Drake tells it, “This time
around we’re planning for an even larger, more publicized
event with radio stations, county activities, discounts and