Whether you’re new to the industry, a well-established full-service car wash operator wanting to upgrade, or you’re looking to add an in-bay express to help increase your throughput, MacNeil Wash Systems has everything you need to help you succeed. We can even help reduce costs and labor while giving you the flexibility to add other profit drivers like wheel and tire cleaning.

But we are more than just a car wash equipment company. As a brand of National Car Wash Solutions, we also partner with the best in the industry to offer best-in-class solutions for your operations. We will walk you from concept to grand opening and support you through the lifetime of your car wash. With our people, our North American footprint, our decades of experience, and our technical and operational expertise, we help you create and operate the perfect car wash business – YOUR perfect car wash business.




MacNeil System Shines at the 2019 Car Wash Show!

Take a guided tour through a 100′ express tunnel, featuring all of the best offerings in the MacNeil equipment line-up, including our new CleanTouch FX Experience Arches.



If you need the best quality equipment to run faster, safer and longer; chemicals that produce a clean, shiny, and dry car AND create great show with bold colors; quality OEM parts delivered fast; or to upgrade your equipment to the best available in the business, then just click on the links below and browse through what MacNeil has to offer.

Car Wash Cleaning Solutions

Looking to offer maximum vehicle cleaning? Click below to view our fine selection of CleanTouch Car Wash Formulas.
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Car Wash Equipment

Shopping for tunnel equipment? Click below to view our car wash tunnel components.
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MacNeil Parts

Looking for OEM replacement parts? Click below to visit our parts site.
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MacNeil Car Wash Retrofits

Is it time to upgrade your equipment? Click below to learn about MacNeil's retrofit options.
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MacNeil is much more than a world class car wash equipment manufacturer. We also provide world class training and customer support through our College of Clean and technical support from over 40 distributors and strategic partners world-wide. Take a tour through the links below, or hear for yourself from our customers, on how MacNeils’ exceptional equipment partnered with our years of knowledge and expertise can bring more success to your business operations.

College of Clean

Click below to learn about our our hands-on car wash equipment training courses taught by industry professionals!

MacNeil Tech Help

Click below to get help on maintaining and servicing your car wash equipment.

Product Manuals and Maintenance

Click below to view and read our selection of product manuals and maintenance guides.

Customer Case Studies

Click below to read stories from several successful MacNeil car wash operators.


Take a virtual reality tour of our 100’ express car wash tunnel and see for yourself why MacNeil continues to be an industry leader. MacNeil prides itself on the reputation that it was worked hard to build and maintain over the last 30+ years. According to our industry-experienced customers, above all else, this reputation is forged from reliability, durability, and know-how. Join them and experience the MacNeil difference!


Matthew Jadali, Express Auto Wash, Abu Dhabi

Matthew Jadali, Express Auto Wash, Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking for the Rolls Royce of car wash equipment, MacNeil is where you go

Henrik Kronlid, Mjuk Biltvätt, Sweden

Henrik Kronlid, Mjuk Biltvätt, Sweden

MacNeil equipment is the best in the market and the quality of our MacNeil equipment is a primary factor in our customer volume.

Brent Wignall, Wiggy Wash, UT

Brent Wignall, Wiggy Wash, UT

MacNeil’s record is being number one in the car wash industry

Scott Wainwright, WOW Carwash, NV

Scott Wainwright, WOW Carwash, NV

MacNeil kept rising to the top of the list in every conversation

Glen Sheeley, Wash Co., Middletown, NY

Glen Sheeley, Wash Co., Middletown, NY

If you want the best of the best, and you want to run at high volumes with no problems, then buy MacNeil

David Borski, Ducky's Express, Bryan, TX

David Borski, Ducky’s Express, Bryan, TX

Going with MacNeil Wash Systems meant that we now have the best equipment out there performing the best services to vehicles

Victor Thomas
Victor Thomas, Hamilton Honda, Hamilton, NJ

Victor Thomas, Hamilton Honda, Hamilton, NJ

I've been in the industry for about 40 years. I've been around a lot of equipment, a lot of good equipment, and a lot of bad equipment. I'm not giving any names, but to me, MacNeil is like the Lamborghini, Maserati of tunnel equipment.

Jason Brown
Jason Brown, Extreme Clean Auto Wash, Meridianville, AL

Jason Brown, Extreme Clean Auto Wash, Meridianville, AL

As we were getting in the car wash business, obviously I did my homework and knew there would be competition. I wanted to be the best, and after doing some research, MacNeil equipment is simply the best in the industry.

Mike Dickert
Mike Dickert, Complete Carwash, Anniston, AL

Mike Dickert, Complete Carwash, Anniston, AL

I chose to represent MacNeil car wash equipment because I truly believe that it is the finest car wash equipment that you can buy.

Truitt Luckie
Truitt Luckie, Auto Oasis Express Wash, Hoover, AL

Truitt Luckie, Auto Oasis Express Wash, Hoover, AL

I would equate MacNeil systems to the Mercedes of car wash equipment.


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